Thursday, July 18, 2024

Allianz MoveNow Camp: Moving PH Teens to the Center Stage of Olympic Esports

Allianz MoveNow Camp: Moving PH Teens to the Center Stage of Olympic Esports

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Allianz PNB Life (AZPNBL) is a worldwide Olympic and Paralympic insurance partner, and the MoveNow camp is a joint initiative of Allianz and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The OEW was established to highlight the best of Esports and embrace the gaming world into the Olympic ecosystem.

The MoveNow Esports Camp showcased the best of Esports and exhibited the latest technologies and innovations in the field. Hundreds of teens, ages 14 to 17, from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and Thailand, applied for a spot at the camp and of the 23 participants selected, 3 were from the Philippines.

Philippine Team Captain Marlon Stöckinger, a former racing driver, and the first Filipino to win a formula race in Europe, shared, “I was inspired by the talent, commitment, and dedication that the teens showed during the camp. Everyone had a great time and I’m sure that the experience helped develop their skills further while creating once-in-a-lifetime memories for them.”

Tempest Dime, a 17-year-old Filipino participant, said, “It was cool to see these games becoming translated virtually through technology, proving that sports and gaming are not two separate things. The camp was a great display of sportsmanship and the Olympic values as we came together to connect, compete, and learn from one another.”

All the participants received coaching, mentoring, and training sessions from experts and professional players such as professional racing driver, Mikaela; YouTube soccer trick-shot artist, Emmanuel; and professional Rocket League player, Kassio. These sessions enabled them to learn advanced techniques and strategies to improve their gameplay.

Research has supported the various benefits of Esports, such as improved executive function skills, hand-eye coordination, and visual acuity. And like physical sports, Esports also improves teens’ confidence, problem solving skills, teamwork, and ability to communicate.

Gino Riola, AZPNBL Chief Marketing Officer, said, “At Allianz, we believe that anyone and everyone, especially the youth, can engage in sports and reap its benefits. The goal of the MoveNow program is to create a healthy, safe, and supportive environment where young people can engage in sports and skills development.”

Allianz officially began their global partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Movements in 2021, building on a collaboration with the Paralympic Movement since 2006. Since announcing the MoveNow program in June 2022, Allianz has run several initiatives, including the MoveNow Training Series, the MoveNow TikTok Club, and the MoveNow Camps. Through the MoveNow program, Allianz is committed to moving the next generation across the globe through global and local initiatives on the Road to Paris 2024 and beyond.