Sunday, May 19, 2024

Appxplore Introduces ‘CryptantCrab Prime’; Top 15 GameFi Project Upgraded!

Appxplore Introduces ‘CryptantCrab Prime’; Top 15 GameFi Project Upgraded!

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Appxplore (iCandy) Limited (“Appxplore”), a subsidiary of iCandy Interactive Limited (“iCandy”, ASX:ICI), is pleased to announce the development of CryptantCrab Prime, a next-level Web3 PVP GameFi project. Building on its 2018 predecessor CryptantCrab, a top-15 GameFi project in 2019, the game lets players collect, trade, and mutate crab warriors for PVP battles and rewards.

CryptantCrab is a project that has amassed over 300 ETH in trading volume within the first six months of its launch, distributing massive rewards from a culminated prize pool of 37.5 ETH in a 2019 tournament. With the launch of CryptantCrab Prime, the current prize pool of 16.2 ETH will be preserved and made up for grabs.

Due to Ethereum’s rapid growth and adoption since 2020, the fees associated with gameplay transactions surged by more than 20 times, reaching orders of magnitude on days when heavy trading was taking place. CryptantCrab Prime’s new destination of Arbitrum will allow players to once again embrace the game without the barrier of high transaction costs standing in the way.

CryptantCrab Primordials – Premium NFT Collection

Appxplore will be unveiling a new collection of premium Ethereum NFTs called CryptantCrab Primordials, to accompany the release of CryptantCrab Prime, that aims to both attract new players and reward pre-existing loyal players with special whitelists and exclusive perks. Primordial Crabs offer advanced strength and features, outclassing standard CryptantCrabs which require part customization. Additional benefits include bonus EXP and extra battle slots for the in-game arena.

Primordial Crab NFT holders also participate in CryptantCrab Prime’s royalty-based earnings, and are privy to a spectrum of benefits, including airdrops, diverse bonuses, and exclusive access to events with extraordinary rewards. Players can follow the official Twitter account of CryptantCrab Prime for details on mint.

Core Ecosystem and Goal

Players compete in the battle arena by queuing teams of two crabs. A player’s team is pitted against 5 other teams queued by other players at the time. Players can also mutate their crabs and pit them against other players in the battle arena to race to the top of the leaderboard that resets regularly. A prize pool, comprised of fees paid to enter the arena, is then split among the top scorers on the leaderboard.

With over a million possible combinations for hatching and mutating, players wield creative control over the appearance and abilities of their crabs. With the exception of Primordial Crabs that come with augmented strength and comprehensive sets epitomizing their ultimate forms, crafting the ultimate crab involves amalgamating crab parts to construct a powerful combatant, subsequently challenging other players in the arena.