Friday, September 22, 2023

BDO Reaches More Filipinos Through Technology and Continuous Innovations


BDO Reaches More Filipinos Through Technology and Continuous Innovations

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Filipino adults who have bank accounts is at 42.9 million or 56% according to the 2021 Financial Inclusion Survey of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). This high numbers is due to more Filipinos are opening e-money accounts. These tells us that the way to reach and persuade more Filipinos to save and open a bank account is through innovation and modern technology.

BDO is the largest bank and one of the most trusted bank in the Philippines and still continues to grow through innovation and technology. I have been one of their clients for more than a decade and I have seen the innovations they made.

I have been their client since I was in gradeschool. I remember that BDO is my first bank and where I also got my first passbook. Then after I finished college, I got my first ATM also from BDO. Then now, they have digital banking and you can also open an account online.

BDO continues to improve their online and digital services to better serve their clients. BDO offers BDO Online Banking which can be access via their website through a browser or via downloading the BDO Online App. With the BDO Online Banking, you can send money, buy load and pay bills without any hassle.

As the BDO cares for the security of their clients’ accounts, they have implemented strict security requirements for their new BDO Online app. The system has multi-factor authentication in which includes Device Registration, One-Time PIN (OTP), 6-digit PIN for login and certain transactions, and Biometrics for login and certain transactions. The system is Verisign Certified and the system does not store sensitive account information on the phone of the user.

BDO also have BDO Pay in which current BDO accountholders can register to and they can use it to send money, pay bills and scan to pay in stores. BDO Pay accountholders can also request for a BDO Pay Card in which they can use to withdraw cash on the ATM or use to pay when they shop or dine.

BDO Online Banking and BDO Pay is the perfect combination not just for online transactions but also for day-to-day offline transactions. These duo is a great help not just for their clients in the Philippines but also to the Overseas Filipinos all around the world.

By being a long-term client of BDO, I have seen every progression they made to reach more and to keep their clients content and happy. They continue to strive for progress and finding more ways to help their current clients and also to encourage more Filipinos to open a bank account. They are continuously innovating and upgrading their technologies not just to give convenience to their clients but also to protect and provide security to their clients’ accounts and personal information.