Friday, July 19, 2024

CryptantCrab Primordials NFT Reveal and Token Airdrop

CryptantCrab Primordials NFT Reveal and Token Airdrop

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CryptantCrab Prime is set to be a brand new chapter for CryptantCrab, revolutionizing the GameFi space to bring in participation beyond gameplay. First developed by Appxplore (iCandy) as one of the first Web3 games on Ethereum back in 2018, CryptantCrab netted winning players over 32 ETH in prize rewards for its tournaments. CryptantCrab Prime sees players will have the chance to play-and-earn more ETH from a prize pool that is currently at over 16 ETH and will continue to accumulate.

CryptantCrab Prime features a fully integrated ecosystem that rewards players who participate by contributing, mutating and battling their crabs, including the premium Primordials NFTs that grant holders an advantage in the game’s arena-based PVP. These Primordials are set for a grand reveal taking place on 19 April 2024, where Primordial Crabs will hatch from their elemental eggs and take the form of powerful ancients, ready to be sent forth into battle as part of PVP GameFi ecosystem CryptantCrab Prime.

In conjunction with the NFT reveal, 3% of total Crab Token supply will be airdropped to Primordial holders, with the portion of Crab Tokens received to be determined by the quantity and rarity of Primordials held. On top of this airdrop, Primordial holders will continue to enjoy additional benefits from their Primordial including persistent incentives from Ecosystem Fund. The token’s integration into the ecosystem will further enhance player and holder participation. The extended distribution will be handled as a collaboration between Appxplore (iCandy) and Crab DAO, formed by veteran CryptantCrab players and GameFi enthusiasts.

Set for a highly anticipated launch on Arbitrum later in the quarter, CryptantCrab Prime is building to capitalize on the chain’s large gaming player base as well as low gas fees to facilitate its in-game ecosystem. Crab Tokens will be integrated fully into the CryptantCrab Prime and fuel the GameFi ecosystem where players can spend Crab Tokens to gain benefits in the game, or trade Crab Tokens on any marketplace, DEX, or liquidity platform that supports ERC-20.

CryptantCrab currently has a pre-registration campaign that allows participants to get access to $5000USD in Crab Tokens when CryptantCrab Prime goes live.

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