Friday, July 19, 2024

Enjoy Your Car Journey with Air Spencer!

Enjoy Your Car Journey with Air Spencer!

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We Filipinos love to travel, and we want to enjoy a long-haul ride to majestic destinations, especially this summer season, where we want to relax on beautiful beaches and resorts. When we go with our barkadas and families, our preferred mode of transportation is our own vehicle. The only thing that will spoil the fun is when the vehicle in which we are riding does not smell good. That’s why we need to find an air freshener that is both good-smelling and mild, as there are people who cannot tolerate strong smells, and it should also last a long time.

At this year’s Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), I discovered a new air freshener named Air Spencer. It is a Japanese brand, and we know that Japanese brands are known for their quality. I discovered the brand at the booth of Winterpine Marketing Corporation, which is the sole distributor of Air Spencer here in Luzon.

Air Spencer’s rise in popularity can be attributed to its wide range of fragrances and long-lasting scent. Most of the scents are fruity and mild, which will make your car journey very pleasant. The brand offers a variety of options, such as Marine Squash, Lemon Squash, and Pink Shower, catering to the diverse preferences of car owners. The most popular variety, according to the distributor, is the Marine Squash, and the most popular variety for women is the Pink Shower.

The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in its product design. The air fresheners uses ceramic technology and also have controlled release, ensuring a fragrance that can last up to four weeks. This durability is a key selling point for Filipinos, who value products that are not only effective but also economical in the long run.

As Air Spencer continues to innovate and expand its product line, it is likely to maintain its position as a household name in car air fresheners in the Philippines.

If you are interested in Air Spencer, you can visit the booth of Winterpine Marketing Corporation at MIAS 2024, which is located at the Tent of the World Trade Center, until April 7, 2024.