Friday, July 19, 2024

Holcim Launches Excel ECOPlanet in Northern Luzon

Holcim Launches Excel ECOPlanet in Northern Luzon

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Holcim Philippines, Inc. has launched its rebranded general purpose cement Excel ECOPlanet in Northern Luzon to better support the region’s sustainable development and accelerate the company’s efforts to decarbonize construction.

The company gathered over a hundred of its top Northern Luzon customers in La Union on May 23 to officially launch Excel ECOPlanet as its main general purpose cement. Holcim Philippines rebranded Excel ECOPlanet with its successful efforts to slash the carbon footprint of the product by at least 30% compared with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

Excel ECOPlanet continues to provide excellent performance for general construction applications, with concrete having improved workability and durability due to its high resistance to sulfate, low porosity and minimized cracks and shrinkage.

Holcim Philippines President and CEO Horia Adrian: “We are excited to finally bring Excel ECOPlanet to Northern Luzon. Our company has proudly helped build many of the important structures for development in Northern Luzon, and this product enables us to continue contributing to progress that is respectful to the environment and uplifting to our communities. We look forward to working with customers to advance green building in Northern Luzon with Excel ECOPlanet.”

Launched over 20 years ago, Excel was among the first blended cements produced by Holcim Philippines for general construction and has become one of the most trusted brands in the market with over two billion bags sold. Its low carbon footprint qualifies it to bear the ECOPlanet mark, which is reserved for the Holcim Group’s line of high-performance and eco-friendly cements. Introduced by the Holcim Group in 2021, ECOPlanet is the world’s broadest range of green cement with at least 30% lower emissions to help builders reduce the carbon footprint of construction.

Since 2018, Holcim Philippines has cut its carbon footprint by more than 20% by producing more blended cements, replacing coal with qualified wastes as alternative fuels and raw materials, and improving efficiency of operations. The company has accelerated innovations to produce a wider variety of high-performance blended cement for specific applications such as Solido for roads, Aqua-X for water protection, and WallRight Prime for masonry.

The company’s carbon footprint reduction program is aligned with the Holcim Group’s net zero direction and the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions. Aside from its own initiatives, Holcim Philippines is working with key stakeholders to encourage the consumption of low-carbon products to reduce the footprint of the built environment.