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Kyline Alcantara Encourages Women To Get Their Cervical Cancer Vaccines


Kyline Alcantara Encourages Women To Get Their Cervical Cancer Vaccines


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Actress-singer Kyline Alcantara made sure to use her online influence for a good cause as she called on women to take immediate action when it comes to addressing their reproductive health issues.

In her recent Instagram reel, Kyline shared a short clip of herself while taking the last dose of the cervical cancer vaccine, something she said she has been doing ever since she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that is considered as one of the common causes of infertility among women that also increases risks of other long-term health complications.

In the video, Kyline was seen getting her last shot that was administered by her Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor, who was also the one who encouraged and advised her to get the vaccine.

“Got my last dose of vaccine for cervical cancer prevention. I started doing this when I was diagnosed with PCOS,” the actress shared.

To raise more awareness, she added: “My OB told me that this is really important especially for all of the women out there. This is our first step to prevent cervical cancer.”

As a way of commemorating National Women’s Month, Kyline used it as an opportunity to inspire, enlighten, and influence other women to prevent and protect themselves from cancers that may affect the way that they are living their lives.

“March is National Women’s Month and aside from celebrating the strength of women, I would like to encourage every women to get the vaccination for us to prevent and protect ourselves from cancers that can affect our lives as women,” she said.

Kyline’s awareness post was well-received by her followers, who began asking the actress some questions ranging from her diagnosis to where they can get vaccinated and how much it would cost them.

The actress was very much happy to answer all the questions, while constantly reminding each and every one to not be scared to do something meaningful for themselves.

Indeed, the much-needed conversation tackling women’s reproductive health was effortlessly opened by Kyline, which must be taken seriously and urgently to live your best life as a woman.

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