Friday, July 19, 2024

My Review on “The Day You Rocked Your World!”

My Review on “The Day You Rocked Your World!”

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I have recently read the book titled “The Day You Rocked Your World!” by Henry Hackholna Jr.. This book is a great read especially in this time of immense crisis in which we are both facing a pandemic and a financial crisis. The book is also easy to understand and easy to finish as it is not that long. I was not bored reading it and I have learned a lot reading this book about life and faith. I have learned things about success, our purpose in life, how to overcome temptations and how to defeat the devil.

The book is unique in a way as it tells us that we are not made to change the world but to change a certain geographical area in which we are located or in which we have an influence. Based on the book, we are on a certain place to make a change in that area and also we should start the change on ourselves.

The book also tells us to engage in a battle, not a physical battle but a battle beyond it. As life is difficult, we need to engage in battles to become successful and we also need to go in a spiritual battle against the evil. This is the best way to overcome evil as according to the book that Satan is afraid of a fighter.

According to the book, we are all experiencing failures but we should always stand up and try again and bear in mind that we are never too old to try again as some of the successful individuals attained their success in an old age. We should self-evaluation when we had failed and we should also admit that we had to make some changes. We should also have faith in God and we should always remember that “Faith is not faith if it is not tested”.
The book is a great devotional Christian book that should be read by everyone to find their purpose in life and also a great guide to help us overcome temptations.
Once you have read this book and have understood and contemplated on what was written in the book and have accepted Jesus, that is The Day You Rocked Your World!