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Parenting 101: Building Strong Learning Foundation for Your Child

Parenting 101: Building Strong Learning Foundation for Your Child

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Nothing beats parents as the best teachers a child could have. As they grow up, parents significantly influence their children’s development and shape their abilities, attitudes, and future decisions. And as their primary guardians, the most valuable gift that a mother and a father can offer is to nurture them to become lifelong learners.

Filipino parents often tell their children that education is the greatest inheritance they can offer, and it’s true. Education can help make or break a child’s future and will carry them to better stations in life, but this will not be possible without the utmost support a parent can give.

That is why Quipper, one of the best LMS in the Philippines, is here to help parents navigate their way into safeguarding their child’s future by instilling these essential learning habits.

Teach them the importance of time

Children often waste time playing games or going out with their friends. While allowing kids to have their leisure time is okay, teaching them how to use time wisely is important.

Parents can teach their kids the importance of time management by keeping tabs on their tasks. Encourage them to own a mini planner or any notebook where they can write down the tasks they need to accomplish. Or, if it permits, you can set goals for a day where they must finish certain activities or assignments in school within a given time frame and gain a reward after completing one like going out to a movie or buying them their favorite food.

Set realistic goals for your child

As a parent, what do you want for your child to achieve? You might want them to reach greater heights and have a successful future. But how can you help your child become one if you are setting unrealistic goals for them and cause them internal pressure?

Parents should always set realistic goals for their children; part of this is accepting that sometimes, a child can make mistakes or fail. By accepting these, you are raising a child that has a healthy mindset in learning.

Encourage your child to read

Knowledge is power, and one can attain loads through reading. Parents should instill a love for reading in children from an early age. Encourage them to read various books and expose them to different genres. It doesn’t have to be novels or heavy non-fiction, but a simple children’s storybook or even a newspaper is enough.

Afterwards, allow your child to process what they have read and discuss among yourselves. This will enhance your child’s comprehension skills and make them a good observer.

Foster collaboration and teamwork

To build your relationship and bond with your child, you can ask them to work on small projects together, like building a puzzle or cooking together, to get them used to working with other people. They must realize the importance of working and learning from their peers and building their confidence. Teach them interpersonal skills that would make them effective classroom students.

Support your child at all times

A good parent is the one who supports their child in all their endeavors. A parent should always be their number one cheerleader for whatever interests or likes a child might get into. A parent should also be updated with their child’s learning progress which Quipper’s Parent App offers.

With Quipper’s Parent App, they can monitor their child’s progress in school and properly guide them on their assignments or activities. So, parents can assist their children in challenging work and foster their growth.

The Quipper Parent’s App can also help parents determine if their child has pending assignments if they’re consistent in answering on time, or how many topics they have mastered. So, as a parent, you can make necessary interventions at home, like reviewing complex subjects and topics or assisting them in answering their assignments. This participation will strengthen the parent-child relationship and enhance the student’s academic achievement and performance.

The education landscape is changing, and so is the learning dynamics of a child. That is why every parent should collectively reinforce these habits to create a healthy learning environment for their child.

Quipper shares the same pursuit with parents of fostering strong learning habits in children. The LMS platform recognizes the parents’ vital role as teachers, mentors, and champions. Together, they can continue to empower children with the tools and habits they need to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate contributors to society.

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