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PCPPI Urges Public to Conserve Water in Celebration of World Water Day

PCPPI Urges Public to Conserve Water in Celebration of World Water Day

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By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages. According to World Wildlife Fund Inc., this may get worse considering the current consumption rate worldwide.

On World Water Day, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) is urging the public to participate in water conservation efforts to reduce any unnecessary water usage.

“Water is a fundamental right. This is the reason we strictly manage our water consumption and water wastes. We need to integrate water conservation methods to improve global water security. We encourage the public to use water responsibly as this is a shared responsibility that we need to take seriously,” said PCPPI president and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Frederick D. Ong.

Last year, PCPPI reported a six percent reduction in its 2020 water usage. The company saved around 369,000 cubic meters of water which is equal to more than 147 Olympic-sized swimming pools. From 2019 to 2021, the company has reduced its water use by 11.5%.

To bolster its water stewardship initiatives, PCPPI monitors its water consumption in its operations and has devised ways to improve its water recycling to minimize wastage. It also continues to strengthen its host communities’ involvement by partnering with local government units for its adopt-a-river program.

Everybody can join this water conservation movement, even while at home. Here are some tips on how you can efficiently use water and save money on water bills, too:

Prep your food wisely

Practice rinsing your fruits and vegetables in a basin of water instead of under running water. Do this and save up to 10 to 15 gallons of water every year.

Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator overnight. This is better than placing it under flowing tap. When boiling vegetables, make sure to use only enough water. This allows you to still get adequate nutrients from them. Use your rice wash to water the plants.

Run full loads of laundry

If you want to wash your laundry with ease, soak your dirty clothes in water for at least 20 minutes to remove the stains. It is also advisable to run a full load of laundry to maximize the water used—it’s energy-efficient, too. You may then recycle the laundry water and use it to clean your garage, pathways, bathroom floors, or your pet’s cage.

Check for leaks

Regularly check for pipe leaks. If you see signs of molds or foul smells, it’s best to ask for help from an experienced plumber to inspect your plumbing system. Leaks occur in toilets, too. Try adding a small drop of food coloring to your toilet tank and wait for a few minutes to test for leaks. If the water in the bowl changes its color even without flushing, then it’s leaking. Getting rid of leaks could save a household 10,000 gallons of water per year.

Shower and brush your teeth responsibly

When washing with soap or shampoo, turn off the faucet to prevent water waste. You can also work on reducing your shower time by finishing your bath routine quickly. If possible, use a bucket and a dipper or get a water-saving showerhead.

It is wise to brush your teeth and rinse using a cup of water. Running the tap while toothbrushing uses up as much as six liters of water every time.

Save water when cleaning outdoors

Use a pail of water and a broom rather than a hose to get rid of stubborn dirt on your sidewalk, driveway, or parking lot. To add, use recycled laundry water. It has the same cleaning effect for outdoor dirty areas as with clean tap water.

Turn off faucets

Need we say more? Turn off all your faucets at home when not in use.

There are still so many ways to conserve water and to ensure global water security. The world is changing and it is only fitting that we change our ways, too, because this fact remains: Water is life.