Friday, July 19, 2024

PH Challengers! ‘HONOR OF KINGS’ Reaches 5M Pre-Registrations

PH Challengers! ‘HONOR OF KINGS’ Reaches 5M Pre-Registrations

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Honor of Kings celebrates 5 million registrations! Upon the global launch on June 20th, all players will receive all pre-registration rewards: the free heroes Ying and Luban No. 7, the free skin Crimson Tassel Ying, and a choice of one among four other skins, as well as an ALL Heroes Trial Card and many other grand prizes!

You can still pre-register and if you are interested, here are the steps on how to pre-register:

  1. Open your preferred mobile device.
  2. Type on your browser or go to your designated store Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS). It only takes a minute!
  3. Fill in the details needed or click the pre-order button.
  4. Wait for confirmation notification.

For more information on Honor of Kings Philippines, please follow their official Facebook Page.