Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Review on GenTea’s Hany Flavored Milk Tea

Review on GenTea’s Hany Flavored Milk Tea

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I dined yesterday at Gentea Miltea x Burger Restaurant, which is located in Molino, Bacoor, Cavite. I have purchased a 22 oz. Hany flavored milk tea, which I drank there, and I also bought some fries, which I took home. They are strictly implementing the safety protocols, such as that the staff are wearing facemasks and only those who wear facemasks could enter the restaurant. They also have alcohol there as you enter and also at the counter area. They practice physical distancing, and there are also barriers in place. The staff were also polite and courteous.

Here is my review of their Hany flavored Milk Tea:

The Good

I got excited when I saw that they have a Hany-flavored Milk Tea on their menu, as the Hany chocnut was one of my favorites when I was still a child. As I got my order, I saw that the milk tea has really bits of Hany on it. The drink is not that sweet.

The Bad

I am really looking forward to having a nice chocnut flavored drink but what I bought is just a disappointing one. I tasted only a hint of Hany in my drink, and I felt that what I drank was a chocolate-colored milk tea with a sprinkle of Hany tidbits. The tidbits were also irritating to the throat. I also think that it is overpriced, as its price is 125 pesos against the same size for a Nutella milk tea, which is only priced at 100 pesos.

The Recommendation

Based on my experience, it would be good for them to either improve the Hany-flavored Milk Tea or just remove it from their menu. It would also be better if they would just create a Hany-flavored shake or a Hany-flavored Frappe. I would also recommend that they lower the price of this drink.