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Tech Meets Sustainability: delaware Philippines Helps Drive Sustainable Practices in F&B Industry

Tech Meets Sustainability: delaware Philippines Helps Drive Sustainable Practices in F&B Industry

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In a move to address the critical issue of food waste in the food and beverage industry, delaware Philippines, a global leader in advanced ICT solutions and services, hosted the first Food and Beverage Consortium last May 28 at the Grand Hyatt Manila. The event, centered on the theme “Balancing Productivity and Sustainability: Strategies for Minimizing Food Waste in the Food and Beverage Industry,” brought together experts and key industry players to discuss innovative strategies and the pivotal role technology plays in minimizing food waste.

Food waste is a significant global problem, with approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption lost or wasted each year. This not only worsens food insecurity but also contributes to environmental degradation.

“Recognizing the urgency, we organized this consortium to spotlight practical, tech-driven solutions through a roundtable setting where all participants have equal footing when sharing their points of view based on their individual expertise. We need a quality exchange of ideas amongst all the participants for this critical topic,” said Simone Pigason, Senior Vice President for Customer Success of delaware Philippines who moderated the event’s roundtable.

SAP Head of Supply Chain and Operations Advisory for Asia Pacific and Japan Mehmet Kunter talked about the importance of leveraging advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance supply chain efficiency and minimize

Kunter noted that the use of AI models allows for more precise demand forecasting thus reducing overproduction and subsequent waste. Work that integrates AI into supply chain systems has proved that it cuts 20 percent of fresh food waste by improving the accuracy
of consumer demand forecasting.

“Human intelligence is indispensable when it comes to managing the supply chain. However, businesses cannot ignore the power of technology, particularly AI, and the critical role it plays in improving existing processes and in realizing a more sustainable future. Effective food waste management is more than just a logistical challenge; it’s a key component of sustainability. Only by addressing its impact thoughtfully, can organizations ensure long-term, sustainable success,” said Kunter.

Supply Chain Management Consultant Tessa Estrella, in her sharing, she underlined the importance of matching supply to demand. Effective inventory management, driven through real-time data analytics, ensures that food products are stocked just right so they do not spoil through unnecessary overstocking. But this can only happen if the proper communications and collaborations between the people across the supply chain networks are in place.

“Engaging suppliers, logistics providers, and other stakeholders helps optimize the flow of goods, ensuring that perishable items reach consumers in the best condition. This is the number one proof point where humans and technology go hand in hand,” said Estrella.

Highlighting further the importance of adopting innovative solutions, Kunter emphasized how combating food waste requires a collective effort. “By combining human ingenuity with cutting-edge technology, we can create a sustainable food system that benefits both the planet and its people,” Kunter reiterated.

The consortium encouraged all stakeholders in the food and beverage industry to implement these advanced strategies to significantly reduce food waste and enhance sustainability. For delaware Philippines, their commitment to bringing innovative technologies and solutions remains undeniable.

“We continue to lead the charge in transforming the food and beverage industry through innovative technology and sustainable practices. Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with our dedication to driving business success,” said Rosette Carrao, Partner and Delivery Head of Delaware Philippines.

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