Thursday, July 18, 2024

Tencent Cloud Helps Shape Future of Education with EtonHouse International in Singapore

Tencent Cloud Helps Shape Future of Education with EtonHouse International in Singapore

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Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, has announced today its collaboration with Singapore-based EtonHouse International Education Group. EtonHouse is set to utilize Tencent Cloud Conference to gather its global staff members in a virtual Open House, which kicks off a plan to start a series of collaborations to tap into edutech trends and eventually build a digital campus.

The virtual Open House is for EtonHouse’s global staff to interact, learn and share ideas with each other, boosted by Tencent Cloud Conference (TCC) – an all-in-one virtual and hybrid event management solution – ensuring reliable conferencing experience and performance across borders. The virtual gathering is a step towards the daily usage of TCC for EtonHouse’s purposes. For example, TCC offers a powerful website builder that allows EtonHouse to build and manage the schools’ official website to provide news and updates for students, parents, the general public and the media. With TCC, Eton House can also help schools create and manage online courses and virtual classrooms all in one secure cloud-based system, and allow memorable gatherings such as graduations and commencements to be held as hybrid events with live and pre-recorded ceremonies for extended communities.

The series of collaborations between EtonHouse and Tencent Cloud is planned to culminate with the development of digital campus, leveraging Tencent Cloud’s technology as well as safe and secure platforms to build a comprehensive educational system for student development – including academic performance analysis, personalized study plan, health report, capability evaluation and growth plan. The comprehensive digital campus will also utilize VR/AR technologies as well as educational games to give students an immersive learning experience.

Kenneth Siow, Regional Director for Southeast Asia and General Manager of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Tencent Cloud International, said “Tencent Cloud believes in the importance of integrating concepts such as adaptive and immersive learning, as well as gamification, in education to give students a more interactive, immersive and engaging experience. We are pleased to be working with EtonHouse, beginning with the virtual Open House as the first step into a number of meaningful and significant developments such as the creation of a digital campus. We aim to be working with more educational institutions in the future, as we look to be a prominent contributor in helping shape the future of education.”

John Ang, Chief Technology Officer, EtonHouse International Education Group, said, “EtonHouse has been a pioneering institution for education in Southeast Asia, and we also look forward to making more significant breakthroughs in the future, hand-in-hand with Tencent Cloud. We believe that while there are many solutions available, Tencent Cloud can not only provide us with a comprehensive one-stop solution for reliable performance across borders, but also give us access to high-quality and secure technologies for more progress and innovation.”