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Tencent Cloud Unveils Tencent Cloud Media Services at 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit

Tencent Cloud Unveils Tencent Cloud Media Services at 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit

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Tencent Cloud – the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, today announced the launch of Tencent Cloud Media Services at the 2022 Tencent Global Digital Ecosystem Summit. The service is a new international audio and video brand that features one-stop media solutions from PaaS to SaaS – including real-time communication, video-on-demand, live streaming, global acceleration, and security – to provide global customers with solutions to lower costs, increase efficiency, and drive innovation in their businesses.

In the era of “Immersive Convergence”, Tencent Cloud Media Services is a pioneering media cloud brand built upon industry-leading, comprehensive, and easy-to-use media products to help create immersive experiences. It aims to make content creation, processing, and distribution more efficient in real-time, and create engaging audience experiences around the world.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, said, “We are pleased to launch Tencent Cloud Media Services, a new international brand which once again raises the bar in providing industry-leading, comprehensive, and easy-to-use media products for global businesses and organizations. This development underlines Tencent Cloud’s commitment to innovation to help companies in their digitalization journey.”


Tommy Li, Vice President of Tencent Cloud, added, “Bolstered by over 20 years of research and experience in video and audio technology, we announce our international brand – Tencent Cloud Media Services, to cover the ever-growing demands of international companies for media services. The brand aims to drive further growth with our customers and partners as we ramp up our efforts in the global market.”

Tencent Cloud Media Services features a range of leading media solutions from Tencent Cloud:

With the emergence and rapid development of 4K/8K videos and the pressure on network bandwidth, video encoding technology has been a key research area for most internet companies. Tencent Cloud’s Media Processing Service (MPS) – which helps reduce bandwidth and storage costs by 50% without compromising video quality – has been cited as a top performer in video encoding, according to two reports released by Streaming Learning Center (SLC). MPS’ features include support for frame interpolation, super-resolution, and frame/color enhancement, among other capabilities, which help to breathe more life into users’ images. This has placed Tencent Cloud in the frontline of encoding technology, essential to a business’s video quality, fluency, and bandwidth storage cost.

On top of video encoding technology, Tencent Cloud Stream Services is also committed to providing a professional, stable, and high-quality live streaming media processing platform for global users. Live audio and video streaming such as live sports, esports, and other live shows require high-quality transcoding, accelerated delivery services, instant loading of live streams, and more. Tencent’s streaming services combine its self-developed audio and video technology platform and the computing resources of Tencent Cloud’s global deployment of many availability zones, to support stable live streaming services with a latency as low as 800ms and under.

With the rapid development of enterprise digitalization, new edge computing scenarios and applications have also begun to emerge across different industries. Tencent Cloud EdgeOne is a one-stop integration of Tencent’s experience in network performance and top security capabilities. It can fully support the massive concurrency of live broadcast business at the peak, through edge nodes all over the world, providing a stable, smooth, and rich viewing experience. Tencent Cloud EdgeOne draws from more than 20 years of experience in technology solutions – such as the all-in-one audio and video network RT-ONE, launched in 2021 to build an extensive audio and video communication network that meets market needs.

One of the newly launched innovative offerings is the Media Services Developer Suite to optimize the experience of developers. Developers can leverage Tencent Cloud’s Media Services SDKs with various abilities such as audio & video calls, live streaming, short video, media player, and beautify effects to build applications for social entertainment, online education, enterprise services, and telehealth. They can also make full use of the aPaaS UIKits with scenario-specified user interfaces that are open-source, pre-built, and runnable. For example, the Tencent Real-Time Communication (TRTC) SDK and the low-code development kit TUIKit would allow developers to build audio/video calls or interactive live streaming solutions just in 30 minutes.

Furthermore, companies can benefit from powerful and feature-rich chat APIs, SDKs and UIKit components by using Instant Messaging (IM), which allows them to create one-to-one and group chats, notifications, and other real-time social messaging capabilities for their applications and websites. The Virtual World Developer Suite can further boost users’ advantages by enabling developers to quickly create immersive metaverse applications and build a customized virtual world in-house through avatar SDKs, cloud renderings, and more.

Complementing the earlier introduced solutions and services, Tencent Cloud Online Video Platform (TOVP) provides one-stop, end-to-end online video media services. The platform offers audio and video services to OTT operators, content owners, publishers, media, and broadcasters. Through global CDN networks, the service allows users to distribute live audio and video, articles, and other content to mobile devices, H5 websites, smart TV, and multi-screen devices, and helps customers deploy media services quickly with zero code.

During the event, key speakers from Tencent Cloud and its partners discussed the company’s latest capabilities, achievements, and successful use cases. Interested parties who want to learn more about Tencent Cloud’s solutions and services can watch the sharing sessions via video-on-demand by accessing the webinar website: