Saturday, May 25, 2024

The Young Publishers behind Rising Tigers Magazine

The Young Publishers behind Rising Tigers Magazine

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The “People To Watch 2023” under Rising Tigers Magazine is all about the emerging leaders from different industries.

The Keynote Speaker is Andria Terese Nicolas which is the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of the most distributed local magazine in National Bookstore. She is also the daughter of the founders who writes also in the beauty section.

In Andria’s speech, she mentioned that the publication is designed to inspire and motivate those who wish to start and grow their businesses with a purpose to share the voices and success stories of those leaders who helped shaped the country today. The Rising Tigers and Nation Builders are respectable individuals from diverse backgrounds, and different generations.

According to Andria, “We believe all generations should be heard. They are all gathered and highlighted for the same goal and it’s to spark inspiration to many, through them, we can help create more future rising individuals and game changers in our society.”

For Brian Poe Llamanzares who got nominated to be part of the “People To Watch 2023” before investing in the magazine recently and now a co-owner, he believes in the objective and goals of the management.

According to Brian, “the team is very confident that it will top the market with its innovations and quality of content. The magazine has already perfected its marketing strategy even-though it’s still new and will celebrate its first anniversary this March 2023. A lot of big names in the business industry have already confirmed and committed their support. While I’m looking forward to helping the company grow.”

The management believes in the presence of young entrepreneurs and their inputs and suggested innovations. For Rising Tigers Magazine, to continue inspiring and motivating the readers with relevant contents and events.