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Architect Kaydee Velasco as part of the Membership Committee of AAP

Architect Kaydee Velasco as part of the Membership Committee of AAP

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The award winning Architect and CEO, Kaydee Marie Velasco is part of the membership committee of American Association of the Philippines, one of the oldest American organization in the Philippines.

For this 2021, the selection process will be different. Here are some of the draft adjustments:

  • Applicant must be endorsed by an existing member
  • Fee will be from Php 2500 to 7500
  • Must allot time to attend events
  • Must allot time for community activities
  • Etc.

All adjustments will be discussed soon by the Board of Directors and must be approved by them to be implemented. Aside from Architect Kaydee Velasco, here are some of the membership committee members:

  • Larry Dimagiba
  • Grace Bondad Nicolas
  • Den Manzano
  • Micheal Haskell

Architect Kaydee Velasco is a young thought leader on sustainability in real estate and development. Under the group is KMVAsia, specialists on pocket developments in the Metro. She specializes in creating thoughtful, strategic, and expert solutions for a multitude of urban industries including construction, architecture, and design – creating a diverse, learned assessment on real estate.

For more details, you can visit https://kmv-asia.com