Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Home for Good: Sun Life Celebrates National Migrant Workers Day with New Video Series

Home for Good: Sun Life Celebrates National Migrant Workers Day with New Video Series

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“How can I secure a brighter future for my family?” In the heart of every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), this question serves as both
a compass and a driving force in guiding their decisions and actions. This was the inspiration behind Sun Life’s latest video series in honor of National Migrant Workers Day on June 7.

Entitled “Home for Good: Overseas Filipino Stories,” the heartwarming series features the real-life stories of OFWs – their sacrifices, dreams, and dedication to their families back home in the Philippines.

The three-episode series begins with the story of Marlene Inoue, who became an OFW in Odawara, Japan in pursuit of a brighter future. “The driving force behind my work was escaping poverty and supporting my family,” she shares.

The story continues with her son, Makoto, who has followed his mother’s footsteps as an OFW. “My dream for my family is to secure a stable and pressure-free future,” he muses.

As fulfilling as life in Japan has been, both Marlene and Inoue still yearn to come home for good and have found in Sun Life a partner that can make this dream a reality.

“I want to go back to the Philippines for good because I want to be close to my family,” Marlene says.

“This is why we made the decision to get an insurance plan from Sun Life. I learned from my mother that this is how I can secure my family’s future,” Makoto shares.

Catch the “Home for Good” series on Sun Life’s Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok as it sheds light on the real-life experiences of OFWs – from their motivations for working abroad to the challenges they face. Sun Life aims to be a part of their journey towards a secure and prosperous future so that they can bring their dreams home for good.

To know more about how Sun Life helps overseas Filipino workers come home for good, visit sunlife.co/ShinePinoy.