Tuesday, June 18, 2024

SUN LIFE Gears Up For Free Covid-19 Vaccination Program

SUN LIFE Gears Up For Free Covid-19 Vaccination Program

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The Sun Life group of companies is gearing up for its free vaccination program for employees nationwide.

“At Sun Life, the health and safety of our community have always been a top priority. This is but one way for us to uphold that commitment,” Sun Life Philippines CEO & Country Head Benedict Sison said. “Looking at the bigger picture, this is also a way for us to support the country’s faster recovery from the pandemic.”

Over 3,000 Sun Life employees including employees of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc., Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (joint venture), Sun Life Financial-Philippines Foundation, Inc., and Sun Life Financial Asia Services Ltd., will benefit from the program.

Meanwhile, qualified Sun Life advisors will also be vaccinated for free. “While advisors engage with us independently, the company is eager to extend help in any way it can so they too can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected from COVID-19,” Sison said.

The company is now finalizing logistics so it may roll out the vaccination program upon the arrival of the vaccines.

Sun Life has been vigilant in securing its workforce’s welfare since the pandemic broke out last year. Besides the effort to retain all employees on 100% payroll, majority of them likewise continue on some form of work-from-home arrangement. Moreover, the company has been very thorough in complying with mandated health protocols that either meet or surpass the standards set by various government agencies.

“Rising above the pandemic is possible if we all do our part. We are thankful to employees and advisors for their contributions despite the challenges of the times,” Sison said. “In the same way that we have weathered this pandemic together, we will also rise above it strongest as one.”