In an effort to improve its group members’ access to healthcare insurance and medical providers, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa) through its Group Healthcare unit, continues to strengthen its access to hospitals and clinics, reaching 1000 partner providers across the country as of August 2021.

The expansion includes partners located in far-flung and rural areas providing clients with medical service options of reimbursements or cashless access to fulfill their health insurance coverage and address their specific needs. In less than 4 years, Sun Life Grepa has grown its provider access to over 400 accredited partners in NCR and Luzon and close to 200 in the Visayas and Mindanao regions.

“Sun Life Grepa has always been committed in helping Filipinos live healthier lives, not only by providing relevant life and health insurance products but also making sure that our clients will have easy access to quality healthcare when they need it most. Our Sun Life Grepa Healthcare unit remains dedicated in expanding our partnership to strategically located medical providers nationwide who can serve our clients and meet their various medical needs as part of their group insurance coverage,” says Richard S. Lim, Sun Life Grepa President.

“As healthcare spending increases and the industry continues to evolve, accessibility to proper healthcare for our clients is a key priority for Sun Life Grepa. With this expansion, clients can now readily and conveniently avail of the proper healthcare services and group medical benefits with our suite of Health Insurance products,” he added.   

In addition, Sun Life Grepa also launched two new Health Insurance products for Small and Medium Enterprises, namely HIPSTER and Smart Care Plus.  The said products offer various employee benefit packages that have predetermined levels of life, accident and disability coverage on top of medical insurance coverage. 

A company can also package or customize its benefits depending on its budget and employee needs. Sun Life Grepa Healthcare offers inpatient and outpatient medical benefits which can be serviced by its hospital, clinic or doctor partners. It also offers an option for reimbursement as well as a 24/7 Client Care hotline.  

Other employee benefit programs include life insurance coverage anytime, anywhere and against any cause of death (subject to policy terms and conditions), disability and terminal illness benefits as well as accident insurance with medical reimbursement. Employers may also opt to avail of the group critical illness rider which pays guaranteed cash benefits in case an employee is diagnosed with any of the 36 most common critical illnesses. This allows them to better manage the costs of getting treatment.   

Be Hyped to Ignite Productivity (Be HIP) and make Sun Life Grepa your Health Insurance Partner (Get HIP) today. For inquiries about the Sun Life Grepa Healthcare programs, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch or email You may also visit the official Sun Life Grepa Healthcare Facebook page at