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Have Your High-value, Heavy, Critical Cargo For Your Projects Be Safely Delivered!

Have Your High-value, Heavy, Critical Cargo For Your Projects Be Safely Delivered!

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The construction sector has been one of the most affected industries amid the pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, the sector had a robust growth rate due to the launch of the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap 2020-2030 as well as ongoing infrastructure investments. According to GlobalData, the forecasted growth rate stood at 8 percent for  2020.

However, with the government’s implementation of strict community quarantine in light of the pandemic growth rate was reduced to a mere 1.2 percent.

Jay Marzan, Chairman of JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc., one of the leading logistics providers in the country, believes the resumption will help the country improve its overall growth, but mobility remains limited in the country, so any delays to the transportation of a project’s equipment will be critical to its completion.

Companies  in the construction, mining and manufacturing sectors depend on the expertise of logistics providers to help transport large, complex, high-value pieces of equipment or “project cargo” that will be used for their plans.

“Every single detail in a project is critical to its success, no matter how big or small. Our country will need the help of every industry to regain what it lost in the past months, and it starts with the resumption of these projects,” Marzan said.

The safe delivery of these critical equipment will help projects finish without any delays. So, JP Marzan came up with a few ideas that can help you safely and securely deliver your project cargo to the construction site.

Proper Equipment. Project cargo mostly consists of heavy machinery used for digging, lifting, or demolishing certain materials, so to avoid any accidents, best provide high-quality tools like flatbeds, straps, and skids to safely reach its destination.

Train the Employees. Personnel handling the cargo must know what it is and how it works to deliver it safely and securely. If it gets damaged, it might cost thousands to cover it and will mean major setbacks for the project.

Training personnel to have a layered approach through proper planning, handling, monitoring, and security will ensure the safe delivery of the cargo to its destination.

Plan Your Route. Projects usually take place either in metropolitan areas or go through it, making it difficult to transport because of the heavy traffic and limited mobility. Properly planned routes will transport the cargo faster and more efficiently to its destination.

You can use various route planning and risk analysis tools to provide maximum security, boost efficiency, and facilitate tracking that will determine the shortest and safest route for the cargo.

Build Relationships. Building trust with people among your operations, especially with people handling the project’s logistics, will create strong partnerships among themselves and help familiarize each other with how their operations work.

The right partner will make sure to have the best equipment, skillfully trained people, and plans for the safe delivery of your project cargo. When you let the best and most trusted people oversee critical tasks, the project will certainly have the highest quality output.

“The goal now is to build strong foundations to prevent the damages in our economy from ever happening again. We can only achieve that if we help each thrive through these challenges and continue the country’s progress,” Marzan said.

JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc., one of the leading logistics providers in the country, shows itself as the perfect partner to meet the challenges of the globalized market and help the country’s economy grow.

As the company plans for new ways to provide mobility for high-value, heavy, critical cargo amid the pandemic, they believe that partnerships will help build the nation into a brighter future. And, with their services to provide logistics, they are prepared with the best equipment to help the country.

Among its services include the following:

  • Heavy-lift support
  • Trucking
  • Forwarding
  • Logistics
  • Domestic distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Rigging works
  • Plant transfer
  • Factory machine installation
  • Powerplant assembly
  • Project consultation
  • Equipment rental
  • Civil engineering
  • Trading of industrial equipment and services

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