Tuesday, May 28, 2024

It is Never Too Late to Restart Your Financial Journey Towards Financial Independence!

It is Never Too Late to Restart Your Financial Journey Towards Financial Independence!

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It might look hard to go towards financial independence due to the roadblocks that we see and face. The challenges might come from the path we took, but we might get past them if we become financially literate and stable. But is it an easy path? Of course not, especially on our recent course, but it might get easier if we restart our financial journey.

Recently, Sun Life has conducted an informative and interactive financial literacy session with digital media practitioners. The theme is “Restarting Your Financial Journey” and the guest speakers were Valerie Lagarde-Amora, Cluster Head of Sun Life Philippines, and Sun Life Philippines Financial Advisor Andrea de Guzman.

Why do we need to restart our financial journey?

We need to restart our financial journey not only because of our poor financial choices but also because most of us are financially illiterate. We have made these poor choices because most of us do not know how to handle money. We were taught from a very young age how to earn money, but most of us were not taught about saving and investing our hard-earned money, and this resulted in a disaster. Most of us only consider where we will spend money when we receive it.

But do not worry, it is never too late to restart our financial journey. As I quote what Ms. Andrea de Guzman has said that “It’s never too late to start something new. It’s not too late to restart your financial journey”. We can still restart our financial journey and start not just by saving and investing but also by insuring ourselves.

We need to be financially literate and increase our knowledge on financial products that we can use to increase our earnings and secure ourselves and our family. We know that there is a point in our lives that we need to retire but our problems and expenses continue to go on. We know that when we retire, our salaries also retire, but the expenses keeps going on and climbs even higher. We might depend on our pension but most of the pension our just a fraction of what we get when we are still working and will not suffice because as we grew old, our becomes weaker and fragile and we might need to take medicines which are costly.

Always remember that it is not too late to correct your mistakes and restart your financial journey. Some point in our life, we made wrong financial decisions but we should from our mistakes and study what we did wrong. We should also get some help from legitimate financial advisors so that we can level up our financial literacy and also get some sound financial advice. You can also visit Sun Life’s website to learn more about how you can start your journey towards financial independence and also to help you find the financial advisor that will be your perfect match.