Thursday, February 29, 2024

PCCI, TESDA, Alay-Buhay Foundation Renew Collaboration in Developing Region 3 Workforce


PCCI, TESDA, Alay-Buhay Foundation Renew Collaboration in Developing Region 3 Workforce

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The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the Sustainable Development Goals Committee penned a renewal Memorandum of Agreement last November 24, 2023, with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Alay Buhay Foundation. The tripartite project aims to actively work together towards sustainable development of the workforce through health and upskilling programs in Central Luzon.

The PCCI Region 3, SDG Committee, and TESDA Region 3 will collaborate in skills mapping activities to identify the competencies required by industries, chambers, and related associations. This will help prioritize the necessary skills in Region 3. TESDA will provide grants based on available slots which will be implemented by Technical Vocational Institutions (TVIs) related to ICT, construction, and other skills. They will also offer access to various training programs that will help enterprises meet the reskilling and upskilling requirements of the current market. Additionally, TESDA will continue to support recovery programs for enterprises after COVID.

The Alay Buhay Foundation, in partnership with the PCCI SDG Committee and PCCI North Luzon, will work closely with other agencies to identify and locate the most vulnerable groups and informal sector workers during the health program. The program will include Case Finding Activities such as screening and free x-ray services. Additionally, the program will provide livelihood training, mentoring, and microfinance to TB-positive individuals who wish to pursue income-generating activities after completing their treatment.

George T. Barcelon, PCCI President said “by providing relevant and updated knowledge and training, upskilling program can help in adapting to the changing demands of the market and the economy. The programs that we have with TESDA can increase the employability and productivity of the workers, as well as their income and quality of life.”

Anton Sayo, President, Alay Buhay Foundation, has reported that they successfully conducted a TB Mass Screening program for a total of 34,191 individuals from the vulnerable population, including senior citizens, smokers, persons with co-morbidities, 4Ps, and drivers of public conveyances, between March and December 2022. They were also able to screen a total of 24,816 individuals during January to June 2023. The program was effective in confirming TB Positives for a total of 1,206 cases from March to December 2022, and 635 cases from January to June 2023. These individuals were then enrolled in the TB cure regimen.

Moreover, the program was able to provide TB preventive therapy to a total of 213 patients between March and December 2022, and 77 patients between January and June 2023. This involved providing TB preventive medication to relatives or persons living with TB patients.