Sogo Ensures Safety As All Their Employees Are Fully Vaccinated


As we are still in a midst of pandemic, we need to do every measure to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the deadly disease. We need to adhere to the health protocols such as wearing of mask and ensure physical distancing and now we also need to be fully vaccinated. As we are now finally opening our economy, we should ensure that there would no more spikes in new cases so we can ensure economic recovery and one of the industries that was badly hit by the pandemic is the hospitality sector. With the safety of guests and employees in mind, Hotel Sogo ensures that they strictly implementing the health protocol and all their staffs were also fully vaccinated.

Hotel Sogo’s New Normal campaign with the theme “We are fully vaccinated, Para kayo ay ProtekTODO” promotes that all Hotel Sogo staff have completed two jabs of vaccine to secure the safety of its guests and employees as early as July 2021.

“We have 41 branches nationwide and five more upcoming branches. There are thousands of employees working in all our hotels, and their safety is important to protect our guests. We are really grateful that our staff is fully vaccinated,” said Sue Geminiano, Hotel Sogo Marketing Manager.

Hotel Sogo management is committed to their employees’ welfare. They also believe that getting the vaccine is a simple way to bring us closer to life, feeling normal again and worry-free. Hotel Sogo takes care of their staff as a family as well as their guests. “I can say that the 11 anti-Covid innovations that we installed in our hotels with hotel staff that is fully vaccinated, we are sure that our family and friends are safe to stay at Hotel Sogo”. She added

Indeed, Hotel Sogo is So Clean…So Good…So Safe.