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UNMASKING the Greatness and the Determination of the Filipinos to Strive and Help During the Greatest Challenge that this Generation has Ever Faced!

UNMASKING the Greatness and the Determination of the Filipinos to Strive and Help During the Greatest Challenge that this Generation has Ever Faced!

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We have faced our greatest challenge that we have ever seen this 21st century and it really hit us hard. That challenge is the Covid pandemic and along that challenge were the measures that the government have implemented to curtail the spread of the disease such as the lockdown. The pandemic not only affected our physical health but also our mental health.

Even though the pandemic brought us a lot of problems and worries, it also unmasked the heroes in ourselves. Many have stood up to help others. This showed the compassion of Filipinos not only on our country but also overseas. There are lots of great ideas that have rose during this time.

Now let’s unmasked these heroes during the most difficult period of our generation, the covid pandemic:

Frontliners that made Tremendous Sacrifices to Help Others

We are grateful to all the frontliners that served during the hardest period of the pandemic. They have made tremendous sacrifices to continue helping their fellow human being. These frontliners have faced a lot of problems such as contracting the disease and some even faced discriminations.

These frontliners is not limited to medical frontliners but also to the peace & security officers, sellers/vendors, truck drivers and also to those volunteers who helped the elderly and vulnerable to buy and get their daily needs.

Athletes who Excelled Despite the Challenges

Hidilyn Diaz wins gold medal at Tokyo Olympics. (Source: Hidilyn Diaz Facebook Page)

Many Filipino athletes have showed their greatness during the pandemic. The best example is Hidilyn Diaz who brought the first Olympic gold medal of the Philippines when she won at women’s 55kg weighlifting event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic. Beside her there are other three Filipino medalists at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Nesthy Petecio wins silver medal for boxing, Carlo Paalam also won silver medal for boxing, and Eumir Marcial who won bronze medal for boxing.

Many Filipino athletes have also competed and showed their skills and hardwork at the 2021 Hanoi SEA Games which was postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19.

Leaders who Stood Up and became Good Examples 

There are a lot of leaders in the private and public sector who showed great leadership skills and also compassion. There are local leaders who who have listened and at the frontlines just to help their constituents. They showed compassion and helped their constituents especially the poor and the needy to get their daily.

Lots of private businesses have stepped up to supply the medical frontliners with the thinks that they neee such as disinfecting alcohol, face masks, face shields and food.

Community that United to Help the Needy and the Struggling

This is one of the community pantries that opened at the height of the pandemic. This was organized by the Baclaran Church. (Source: Baclaran Church FB Page)

The communities have united to find solutions on how to alleviate the sufferings that was brought upon by the pandemic to their fellow neighbors. Lots of communities have stepped up and extended their hand help to the poor and the frontliners as all of us are struggling even the government had a hard time due to limited budget and knowledge about the pandemic.

Lots of communities around the country have put up their community pantry. The concept of this is for you to donate what you can afford to donate and only take what you and your family really need.

People have also find ways to help those who need financial help due to their medical conditions such as contracting the Covid-19. It costs millions if you were hospitalized due to Covid and if you were also a severe case. People helped their relatives, friends and neighbors through crowdfunding.

Sometimes challenges makes us stronger and better, it only depends on how you see it and handle it. Let’s unmasked the better version of ourselves and become more successful in the future!

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