Red Head Chicken Las Piñas


Chicken wings has become a trend nowadays. There are many restaurants now that specializes in chicken wings and offer different flavors and promos such as unliwings. There are also some fast food restaurants who had jumped to this craze and offers chicken wings from their menu.

The problem with the other restaurants are the size of their servings which is quite small and also the taste. They lack diversity in flavors and just offer few choices. It is really a challenge to find a chicken wings restaurant that offers a good value for your money.

We had been invited to the Red Head Chicken Restaurant Las Piñas which is near the Bernardo College. We had the chance to try their chicken wings. There are 16 flavors to choose from. Their  “El Diablo” taste good but it is really spicy. We had also tasted other flavors but we had not been able to taste all of them because the chicken wings were big and very filling.

I would definitely come back for more and try the other flavors and products. You can read my review at