SUN LIFE GREPA Introduces New Peso Funds That Invest Offshore


Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa) is launching three new Peso funds that invest in various financial instruments worldwide, thus allowing clients to maximize the growth potential of their Philippine Pesos. These are the:

  1. SLG Peso Global Income Fund,
  2. SLG Peso Global Growth Fund, and the
  3. SLG Peso Global Opportunity Fund.

These new SLG Peso Global Funds are available as fund options to any Sun Life Grepa PHP-denominated investment-linked life Insurance plans that provide coverage until age 88 or 100, depending on the plan chosen. This will allow them to enjoy the combined benefit of insurance protection and investments in one financial solution.

Each SLG Peso Global Fund operates as a fund-of-funds; Peso premiums will be converted into US dollars and will be invested in high-quality fixed income-centric, equity-centric, and multi-asset global funds.

“These new funds are for clients who want to expand the investment reach of their Peso assets by getting access to global markets,” Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim said. “It is suitable not only for those who want to address life insurance protection needs but also for those who aim to diversify their assets to address wealth accumulation and long-term needs such as preparing for retirement.”

The Funds will be managed by Sun Life Grepa’s professional fund managers who will actively manage the portfolio to swiftly reallocate assets and capitalize on investment opportunities.

Take your Peso’s earning power to the next level with SLG Peso Global Funds! For more information, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch or email