Tencent Cloud Distributed Database Ranks First in the Growth Index: Frost & Sullivan’s “2021 China Distributed Database Market Report”

Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of global technology company Tencent, today announced that Tencent Cloud Distributed Database TDSQL has been recognized as a leader in Frost Radar and ranked first in the growth index, according to the “2021 China Distributed Database Market Report” jointly released by Frost & Sullivan and LeadLeo Research Institution.

Through continuous tracking and research on the database market in 2021, Frost & Sullivan pointed out that the data, as the infrastructure of most information systems, exerts hardware computing power downwards and undertakes upper-layer applications upwards. There are various database products meeting different business needs. The efficiency, ease of use, stability, scalability and cost of a database are all critical to an enterprise’s foundational business and growth flexibility.

In the Chinese market, the development of distributed databases is currently in an “explosive stage”. From the perspective of patent application data, the number of patent applications related to distributed databases in China has climbed from 22% of the global share in 2012 to 76% in 2021. China has become a technology innovation center for globally distributed databases.

Frost & Sullivan believes that Tencent Cloud has a relatively high “growth index” in indicators such as compatibility, scalability, disaster recovery capability, database security, service support level, open-source and industry influence, and industry solution service support. Tencent Cloud also receives high scores in the “innovation index” assessment, which evaluates the capabilities of distributed architecture, database management innovation capabilities, and cloud capabilities.  Frost & Sullivan also commented, “Tencent Cloud’s enterprise-level distributed database TDSQL is the leader of distributed databases in China. Not only does it provide transactional, analytical, cloud-native, serverless and other database product architectures, but it also provides SaaS offerings such as AI-enabled autonomous database services. TDSQL products empowered the seventh national census to be fully electronic.”

TDSQL has been incubated internally since 2007, originating from Tencent’s financial business, serving Weixin Pay, Tencent Meeting, Tencent Music Entertainment, Tencent Video, Tencent Docs and other company businesses. TDSQL has been adopted by more than 3,000 clients across multiple verticals such as finance, public services, and telecommunications. Within the financial vertical, TDSQL serves six out of the top ten banks in China, and an increasing number of financial institutions are using TDSQL in their core systems as they trust in TDSQL’s capability in data security, reliability, and consistency.

Regarding the development trend of the database industry, Frost & Sullivan believes that it is particularly important to build cloud database services and design a cloud-native database that prioritizes cloud infrastructure and adapts to the characteristics of the cloud across the board. Tencent Cloud has launched TDSQL-C, a new generation of the independently developed database with high performance and high-availability, which is 100% compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, and achieves a throughput of over one million QPS.

Looking ahead, the driving force for the development of databases will still come from data storage scale and performance requirements, as well as the development of hardware. It is foreseeable that the database technology will also meet the needs of AI for data management in the future.